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"New Jersey should abolish its death penalty for many reasons and replace it with life in prison without parole."

Trenton Times Editorial, January 5, 2006

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New Jersey Law Journal

January 12, 2007

End New Jersey's Death Penalty

"We commend the commission on its hard work and we endorse its ultimate conclusion. We urge the Legislature and governor to be the first state to recognize that the death penalty is not working and to move expeditiously to recognize the moral and practical necessity of ending the death penalty, and returning both victims' relatives, defendants and our judicial system to sure, just and swift punishment for the most abhorrent of crimes."

Gloucester County Times

January 7, 2007

Cancel New Jersey's Death Penalty

"It is time to admit that this state's capital punishment law does not work, and concur with the panel's recommendations. Gov. Jon Corzine and the leaders in the Assembly and Senate already have."

HERALD NEWS (Paterson)

Jersey Tax Dollars Wasted on Death Penalty

November 28, 2005

In short, it's time that capital punishment in New Jersey should be allowed to die a quick and painless death.

Courier-Post (Camden)

Study N.J.'s Death Penalty

November 25, 2005

The death penalty doesn't work in New Jersey.


Putting an End to the Death Penalty in the US

November 17, 2005

It is our hope that the U.S. bishop's statement on the death penalty from their fall meeting will be taken to heart by both state and federal officials and be a major factor in putting an end to the death penalty in this country.

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